Damp Proofing

Rising Damp

Rising Damp is the result of groundwater rising through walls, floors and masonry via capillary action. This is the ability of a liquid to rise up the substrates narrow spaces in opposition to gravity. 

Rising damp has been causing problems for property owners for years. Leading to spoiling of decorative internal finishes, damage to the fabric of the building, possible health related problems and barriers when trying to sell / buy a property.

To prevent rising damp affecting walls, properties have been built with physical DPC’s for many years. However, these physical barriers do not always prevent rising damp from occurring. Especially in older houses, physical DPCs can become damaged over time or, in some cases, were installed improperly or not at all.It is not uncommon to hear rising damp being misdiagnosed. Many individuals inexperienced with identifying rising damp issues may just assume that due to the usual tell-tale sign of a tide mark on the wall that you have a rising damp issue. Misdiagnosis could be made due to condensation and other defects allowing moisture ingress. These could be faulty or leaking guttering, faulty or leaking plumbing, cracks in the stone or brickwork, defective pointing and incorrect application or type of renders to external walls. This list can go and on, this highlights the importance of the assistance and advice of a fully qualified surveyor. They will determine the exact cause of the problem through a process of elimination and recommend the appropriate remedial works required.

As rising water evaporates from the internal plaster it leaves behind efflorescence which is a fine, white, powdery deposit of water-soluble salts. Because of this, these salts make the situation worse by attracting the atmospheric moisture from within the property. Normal remedial works will more often than not require the plaster to be removed up to a meter in height and replaced with a specialist render with efflorescence inhibitors or additive.

Our remedial solutions include a variety of thixotropic creams or a BBA approved fibre rod delivery system containing a very powerful water repellent. The system ensures the correct dose of an active ingredient is delivered to the wall every time and permanently eradicating rising damp.

Damp Issues

If you are experiencing damp issues, then call us on the number above, We have extensive knowledge and understanding of these issues and can advise of the correct course of action to resolve them. Do it now before it’s too late.